Most companies are looking into hiring third-party contract employees who possess the needed skills to help their businesses take full advantage of evolving technologies. As these are temporary jobs it makes sense to hire the best talent available to get through the development process before training in-house staff to maintain the system.

Futrainc delivers staff augmentation services for skilled UI designers, programmers, and Search engine optimization engineers who can join the client’s team in a quick seamless process. This relieves the client from managing employee working environment, salaries, benefits, and appraisals. Our skilled and committed engineers share their skills with our clients on a full-time basis, enabling them to design, debug, manage large CRM and ERP systems, or develop custom business automation softwares from scratch as needed.

Large systems usually require a long period of continuous development and building. This is where staff augmentation can show its true potential. Most development cycles have an intensive phase where a large number of engineers are needed and then once the product is delivered the need for a full-time team reduces. Our staff augmentation service can provide specific advantages, some of which are listed below:

  • Reduced costs of operations.
  • Availability of proven professionals immediately.
  • A quicker turnaround time for development.
  • Greatly improved quality in both process and data operations.
  • Full recovery of costs per opportunity.
  • Processes operating at higher efficiency and optimization.
  • Improved man-hour rates.
  • Flexibility in terms of resources on the job.
  • No additional overhead for the HR or Administration departments.

Often companies complement their in-house teams by hiring outside programmers to do specific tasks. UI Design, Programming, off-site testing, documentation, and complete meshing with legacy systems can be efficiently passed on to the contract-hired team.