Futrainc eCommerce maintenance and management services make it easier for any business to manage an online retail presence. Our mature eCommerce management strategy takes care of all the day to day maintenance needs of an online store.

Users have a lot of choices while shopping online, and will instinctively pick the site that offers the best possible experience at the best possible price. Keeping eCommerce sites fresh and inviting is a constant challenge for site owners. This is where Futrainc offers the most value.

A successful eCommerce website needs a professional team to keep it running smoothly, keep it fresh with new graphics, add features that become necessary and upgrade security settings from time to time. Our time tested process and years of experience in the eCommerce industry gives us an edge when it comes to managing large eCommerce systems.

There are several factors that contribute to the success of an eCommerce site –  the product offering set aside its the technology, speed of access, usability and the security infrastructure that drives sales.

Some of our eCommerce management services include:
  • Importing new products, categories, brands and suppliers.
  • Programming new features as needed.
  • Creating and posting advertisements and promotional banners.
  • When necessary, immediate elimination of any bugs that come up in the software.
  • Oversight of hosting infrastructure.
  • Regular security checks and PCI conformity.
  • SEO upgrades as needed.
  • Advanced reporting integrated with Google analytics.
  • Social Media marketing plans.
  • Full integration with product directories like Google Products, Amazon and others.

How is our e-commerce management different

24×7 Customer Service

Our 24×7 multichannel customer service via phone, chat, email and IVR keeps your online retail business connected with your global customers.

Dedicated Teams

You will get access to our expert team to help you amplify your Ecommerce Business to new heights

End-to-End visibility

By following agile processes and frequent communication, we maintain 100% transparency with the client.

Scalability & Flexibility

Our scalable and flexible services help you to cope with the changing market demands including high volumes of products.